Recent SpaceX launch viewed from Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Global Warming PSAs
    Sources for version 2 Music Sebastian Kauderer – Up In The Air (Instrumental) from Audiio Video Temperature – Video by Amir Irani from Pixabay – Simplified Pixabay License Icecaps – Video by Neugiernase from Pixabay – Simplified Pixabay License Erosion – Video by Muhammad Faiz Rasid from Pixabay – Simplified Pixabay License Storms – Video by Ivan Khmelyuk from Pixabay – Simplified Pixabay License Both videos were edited in Adobe Premiere
  • Drainspotting: Video Slideshow
    During a trip to Japan in 2019, I found the variety of manhole covers to be amazing and, in many cases, beautiful. Whether the cover was utilitarian (e.g. to highlight firefighter access), floral, or historical in its content, the attention to something considered mundane elsewhere was captivating. The locations of the nine covers include Hiroshima, Ehime, and Kagawa Prefectures. I tried out Premiere Rush. I have to admit that I would have preferred to Premiere […]
  • Design 2
    A new, or even infrequently courses are taught, it is a good idea to let students and advisors/faculty know that they will be offered. This poster highlights a course that will be offered for the first time in the spring of 2022 and will be advertised not only near Geography classrooms, but also in areas where Social Studies Ed, Political Science, History, and other majors frequent to highlight the new course in hopes of broadening […]
  • Design 1
    Lectures are still a daily occurrence and so are the slide decks that we have associated with them for over two decades. While there have been slide gurus such as Garr Reynolds trying to help us convey our stories in presentations instead of overwhelming our audiences, many classroom slides still consist of a wall of text and poorly planned graphics. This slide is intended as the first slide in a deck that utilizes simple motion […]
  • Logo
    The logo was built in Canva and utilizes The Bernoru Expanded font and a graphic of a map available from Canva’s provided elements. The graphic of a map is a bit literal in the context of the URL/name, but I prefer at least some literal elements in logos.